Keep your Hospitality Business Flowing

Keep your Hospitality Business Flowing

At CountyClean we are proud to support Southern Water’s ‘Water for Life’ campaign. With the hospitality sector allowed to reopen, we wanted to share Southern Water’s maintenance tips to keep your business flowing!

Keep your Hospitality Business Flowing

Southern Water’s Top Tips for FOG Management

  1. Fit grease management equipment and install strainers on all plugholes. Grease management equipment includes grease traps/separators. These will improve the performance of your drainage system by minimising the accumulation of fats, oils and grease (FOG). Strainers will catch food waste before it enters the drainage system, which again will prevent blockages.
  2. Ensure new and existing staff are regularly trained and up to date with the latest grease management legislation. It is your duty of care as a catering establishment to inform your staff of the regulations.
  3. Scrape waste from plates, pans and utensils into a food waste bin before they reach the wash-up area. Speak to your local authority for advice and guidance on FOG/food waste. This will reduce the amount of food waste and grease that enters the drainage system. If there is a little FOG left on utensils and in pans after cooking, this should be wiped off and then thrown in the bin.
  4. Recycle your fat, oil, grease (FOG) and food waste. Larger quantities of cooking oil can be reused. The oil should be strained to collect leftover food particles, spent oil should be collected and sealed in containers. The oil can be collected and recycled to create biodiesel. Only food waste should be composted, if FOG is composted, the excess oils will form water-resistant barriers that prevent aerobic composting.
  5. Clean and maintain your FOG management system regularly. Keep a record for inspection by Water Industry Enforcement officers and Environmental Health. As registered waste carriers we clean and maintain grease traps for hospitality establishments. Our advanced vacuum tankers and jetting vehicles are used to dislodge FOG and empty grease traps.

FOG Removal & Disposal

By following these simple steps in commercial businesses as well as at home, we can all help to avoid serious disruption to our drains and sewers – this includes eliminating the dreaded fatberg!

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