Sewage Treatment Plant Do’s & Don’ts

Sewage Treatment Plant Do’s & Don’ts

A Sewage treatment plant is a large investment which must be maintained correctly in order to maximise the lifespan of the plant and equipment.

CountyClean are experts in the care and maintenance of sewage treatment plants and have compiled a list of important ‘do’s and don’ts’ when it comes to looking after your system.

Sewage treatment plant do's and don'ts


DO try to spread your clothes washing throughout the week

DO follow the manufacturers recommended maintenance and desludging for your sewage treatment plant. If you are unsure on your manufacturers recommendations, we work with a variety of sewage treatment plant manufacturers and can offer advice and guidance on cleaning and maintenance.

DO use liquids (not powders) in washing machines and dishwashers. Powders can easily clump together and cause blockages.

DO stick to the same washing, dishwasher and other cleaning products as the plant bacteria will work more efficiently

DO compost organic food waste or use your council’s bio-degradable waste recycling (if available)


DON’T put sanitary items, cotton buds or any wipes down the toilet. These can cause blockages. Stick to the 3P’s, Pee, Poo and Paper.

DON’T pour FOG (fat’s, oil and grease) down the drains where avoidable. The FOG can coat and therefore damage the treatment plant.

DON’T tip medicine, mouthwash or any other chemicals down the drains as the will damage the biological treatment process.

DON’T pour large amounts of bleach or washing detergents down the toilet or drains

DON’T pour milk down the sink as it can strip the oxygen out of the biozone in the treatment plant

DON’T pour DIY products (e.g. paints, thinners or white spirit) down the drains

By following the above advice, having regular inspections and maintenance, you can ensure that your system will be performing at an optimal level.

A sewage treatment plant is a living, breathing collection of organisms that needs to be treated well to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. The misuse of your unit can lead to expensive repair costs in the future.

How CountyClean Group Can Help with your Sewage Treatment Plant

We supply and install sewage treatment plants and can provide a regular maintenance service to ensure your system stays in tip-top condition.

Our team of specialists can provide you with expert advice if you are having any trouble with your plant. Call us on 01323 741818 or 0800 171 2204  or feel free to get in touch with us via our online contact form.

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