Our Fleet & Equipment

Our Fleet & Equipment

Our Fleet & Equipment

Vacuum Tankers

We are very proud of our growing fleet of modern and powerful vacuum tankers! Each vehicle is fitted with the latest technology, built to the highest specifications and strictest environmental standards with customised suction pumps. We have the capability to carry out a wide range of waste management tasks with ease.

Our fleet includes; six-wheeled, eight-wheeled, articulated and ADR vehicles; ideal for collecting sewage, sludge, oil and diesel, contaminated water, leachate, grease trap waste and more. Volumes range from 18,000 litres (4,000 gallons) up to 27,000 litres (6,000 gallons).

Our Fleet & Equipment

Kroll Combination & Recycler Units

Our modern and powerful combination and recycler units have full remote control functions and are built on the latest Scania XT chassis. We have six-wheeled combination and eight-wheeled recycler units.

These units are ideal for deep lift extraction and disposal of liquid waste, sludge and silt from culverts, pipeline clearing, gully clearing, catch pit emptying, sewer and drainage system excavations. The units also have high pressure water jetting capabilities with the recycling unit able to reuse waste water on site saving you time and money.

Our Fleet & Equipment

Pump Service Units

Our Pump Services engineers are supported by a fleet of modern, fully equipped service vehicles that carry a comprehensive stock of spares.

This includes all filters, pumps, blowers, bearings, lubricants and hardware required to service a wide range of makes and models of pump stations and treatment plants, allowing us to complete your service on site, saving time and money.

Our teams also carry confined space equipment, enabling them to work safely and efficiently in confined space situations.

Our Fleet & Equipment

Road Sweepers

With our fleet of sweepers, we can bring asphalt, concrete and block paving back to a clean and serviceable condition.

Whether you have a construction/industrial site or street cleansing requirement, our road sweepers with a qualified operative are available for hire and can react 24/7 to any emergency.

Furthermore, the high pressure water system combined with the sweeping configuration makes it more than capable of removing ingrained staining and debris.

Our Fleet & Equipment

CCTV Drainage Inspection Units

Our units utilise MiniCam CCTV equipment with the latest camera technology.  We use our remotely controlled cameras to travel along drains capturing high-quality video footage from our mobile van units where our technician can assess the condition of your drain without any disruption to your property.

Our various cameras have a range of up to 300 metres and can survey drain pipes with diameters from 80mm to 900mm. We also have push rod drain cameras for harder to reach remote areas. A PDF report is then created along with the video files for the customer.

Our Fleet & Equipment

Van Pack Jetting Units

Our latest units are highly mobile and can respond quickly to your emergency with the latest equipment to restore the flow to your drain.

We have a broad range of jetting nozzles and equipment to deal with blockages of commercial and domestic properties. The high pressure jetting unit includes a ½ inch hose with the ability to reach up to 100 metres away from our units. Ideal for clearing and cleansing; small bore pipework, drainage systems, wells, shafts, pits, passages, tunnels, interceptors, catch pits, tanks and more.

Our Fleet & Equipment

Porta Reels

With our porta reels we can offer our customers high pressure water jetting services in rough terrain and remote locations up to 300m from our Kroll Recycling unit’s location.

With a one inch jetting hose, our portareels are ideal for the cleansing of foul and surface water systems, gully clearing, septic tanks and cesspits, catch pits and oily water interceptors.

Our Fleet & Equipment

Flatbed Units

Our flatbed units are ideal for the collection and transportation of drum and IBC waste removal or waste oil collection. These might include waste oils, paints and solvents, printing waste, laboratory waste, chemical waste or any number of waste items that require packaging for disposal.

The process of loading heavy IBC and drum containers is made a quick and easy process with the units’ tail lift and the ability to carry up to six tons of waste.

Our Fleet & Equipment

Grab Lorries

Built on a Mercedes-Benz chassis, our 8-wheel grab lorries remove large volumes of material quickly and efficiently and are an effective solution for all types of waste disposal.

We collect most types of dry waste that can be loaded by the bucket or alternatively with a loading shovel.

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