What Is a Sewage Pumping Station & How Does it work?

What Is a Sewage Pumping Station & How Does it work?

At CountyClean, we are experts in the installation, maintenance, servicing and repair of sewage pumping stations. If you are looking for further information on how these systems work, the below will cover everything you need to know!

A sewage pumping station put simply moves sewage from one location to another, either horizontally and/or uphill when gravity cannot be relied upon to do the job.

Ordinarily, the sewage network relies on gravity for waste to flow from homes and businesses to the mains sewer. However, in low-lying areas where the mains sewer is on higher ground than the connecting sewage lines, the waste will need to be transported using pumping stations.

How Does a Pump Station Work?

The most common type of pumping station is made up of a wet well (or tank), float switches and either one or two pumps, the system is operated by a control panel situated near the wet well.

The sewage from the properties and buildings will flow into the wet well, as the level rises it will activate the float switches that have been set at a predetermined level. This will activate the pump which in turn moves the liquid out of the wet well to the mains sewer line.

When Do You Need A Sewage Pumping Station?

A pump station is needed whenever liquid waste needs to be moved to a higher level.

Do Pump Stations Require Maintenance?

Pump stations will need regular maintenance and servicing due to the mechanical parts needed to operate the system and keep it working at an optimal level and prevent breakdowns.

Regular care and maintenance of all size pumping stations can both improve the efficiency of the system and extend its overall lifespan.

It is essential to be aware of what is put into the drainage, we often get called out to pump station breakdowns with a high amount of RAG (wet wipes among other unflushable items), these can get caught up in the pumps and cause them to fail.

We can provide tanker services for liquid waste disposal and high-pressure water jetting to provide complete servicing and cleansing solutions.

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