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Home Buyers Drain Survey

Home Buyers Drain Survey

Are you in the process of purchasing a new home? Don’t let drainage issues become a major problem down the line that could lead to unexpected expensive repairs in the future. Our Home Buyers Drainage Survey Service is designed to give you peace of mind by thoroughly inspecting the drainage system of your potential property.

What is a Home Buyers Drain Survey?

A home buyers drain survey, also commonly known as a “pre-purchase drain survey” is a detailed report of a property’s drains and drainage system. This report can identify any existing or potential future issues with the drainage system. This includes blockages, cracks, leaks and damage to any pipes that could lead to costly repairs. It is crucial to have this information before deciding to purchase a property as the cost of repairs could be a substantial amount and may not be covered by your mortgage provider or home insurance.

What To Expect From A Pre-Purchase Drain Survey?

  • A detailed report on the structural condition
  • Establish any drainage connections
  • Determine the drainage system ownership, private / water authority
  • Provide expert advice and insight while onsite and anytime after the survey is complete
  • Help clients purchase a property with confidence
  • Sell your property faster
Home Buyers Drain Survey

Benefits of a Pre-Purchase Drain Survey

Negotiating Power

Knowledge is power, so the detailed information from the survey allows buyers to negotiate with the seller and address any drainage issues discovered. This could lead to negotiating a better price or getting the seller to resolve the drainage issues before you purchase the property.

Pre-Purchase Report Information

Information gathered in a CCTV drainage report can facilitate the successful completion of a property sale. We at CountyClean Group combine all the useful insights into the drainage system report along with any recommendations. 

Identify Loose or Damaged Connections

CCTV drainage footage reveals any pipes that are not connected properly that could lead to leaks and irregular flow levels that could go unnoticed by prospective home buyers without the drain survey. The pre-purchase survey identifies and reports any issues before they escalate. Even with new build properties, pre-purchase reports are often organised by builders to ensure the drainage meets the expected standards.

Responsibility for Drainage System

A home buyers drain survey will specify who is responsible for the drainage and sewage systems around the property, something that is not usually considered until a drainage problem such as a leak or blocked drain occurs. Much like a property boundary report, the insight from a home buyers drain survey will help you avoid confusion, neighbour disputes and potential legal problems.

Home Buyers CCTV Drain Survey Near Me

A Home Buyers Drain Survey offers significant insights into a property’s drainage system, allowing prospective buyers to make informed decisions and avoid future headaches. With our thorough drain surveys, you can purchase your dream home with confidence, knowing that potential drainage issues have been thoroughly inspected and addressed.

Contact us today to receive a free quote and to schedule your Home Buyers Drain Survey and embark on your home-buying journey with peace of mind.


A CCTV drain survey utilises high tech’ cameras to examine and assess the condition of underground drainage to maintain and extend their durability. The drain survey helps identify and locate any cracks, blockages, poor flow rates, tree root intrusions, drain collapses and any other potential issues in the underground drains, sewers, culverts or other external drainage, safely and efficiently.

On average a home buyers drain survey will take between 1-2 hours to complete.

The duration of the home buyers drain survey will depend on the size and complexity of the property’s drainage system. Larger properties or those with extensive drainage networks may require more time for a thorough inspection. Similarly, properties with several branches or junctions within the drainage system may extend the overall inspection time.

The standard cost for a home buyers drain survey is £395 +VAT.

We use the latest CCTV drain survey equipment including the WinCan software which is regarded as the industry’s recognised standard sewer and drain inspection software and is also used by the local water authorities.

It is not a legal requirement for new/potential buyers or existing homeowners but it is highly recommended. Standard property surveys usually lack a thorough inspection of the underground drainage systems and certain mortgage lenders may request a home buyers drainage survey as part your mortgage application.

While a CCTV drain survey isn’t legally required when purchasing a house, there are several reasons why it’s strongly recommended.

  • Mortgage lenders and insurance companies often request drain surveys as part of their approval processes.
  • Drain surveys can satisfy all parties involved, including solicitors for water searches like CON29DW’s.
  • A drain survey can help prevent expensive unexpected repair costs by identifying potential issues before finalising the property purchase.
  • It can serve as a negotiation tool, allowing buyers to discuss repair costs with sellers.
  • Understanding drain ownership is crucial, and a survey clarifies ownership boundaries, preventing homeowners from paying for repairs that aren’t their responsibility.

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