As a leading services provider in the liquid waste management industry, CountyClean Group is often charged with handling hazardous waste and effluent that could be potentially harmful, sometimes even devastating, to the environment.

We do more than just protect our customers’ legal responsibility and duty of care. Unlike some other organisations, we will not dispose of human waste directly onto agricultural land and ensure all our liquid waste disposal is treated at approved treatment facilities in line with our Environmental Waste Management policy.

We understand the responsibility we all have to protect our environment for the future. That is why we ensure all our waste is recycled where possible.

To give you peace of mind, we are fully accredited and work to the standards supported by the Environment Agency and we have also been awarded ISO 14001 accreditation demonstrating our commitment to the environment.

You can be assured that we are treating your waste in line with the strict statutory regulations that govern our industry.

Download our Environmental Policy here.

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