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Sewage Treatment Plant Installations

Are you thinking of installing a sewage treatment plant? Sewage treatment plant installations are an excellent solution for sewage disposal where there is no main sewer connection available.

At CountyClean, we carry out full sewage treatment plant installations for both domestic and commercial clients. From the initial excavation to final commissioning and testing; we ensure that you deal with one contractor from start to finish. We supply skilled and qualified operatives to undertake treatment plant installations. Our prices include the supply of all materials required, offering a bespoke ‘one stop shop’ service.

If you are considering the installation of a sewage treatment plant, you need to know that the system you are contemplating suits your needs. After a thorough site visit, our teams can recommend systems from several manufacturers ensuring a perfect fit for your requirements. Once we complete your civil engineering and groundwork, we can put an ongoing maintenance schedule in place. This will make sure your new installation will continue to run efficiently to minimise the risk of failure.

Risk and method statements can be provided for any projects that are undertaken and all works are carried out to the required British standards, we are also fully accredited by a number of industry recognised organisations.

Read more on how sewage treatment plants work here.

Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant Installation:

The video shows the process our skilled team went through during the installation of a new sewage treatment plant. Prior to the sale of the property, our team installed a Kingspan Clearwater E Range with an integrated pump. Take a look at this case study to find out more about the installation of a Klargester sewage treatment plant for a domestic customer.

General Binding Rules: Small Sewage Discharge To a Surface Water

If you have a septic tank or treatment plant, you need to ensure you are up to date with government and Environment Agency legislation. “General binding rules: small sewage discharge to a surface water” were rules introduced in 2015 by the government which aim to end the practice of septic tanks discharging directly into a local watercourse such as a river or stream.

There is a set of rules which apply to existing and new treatment plants. The main rule states that you must replace or upgrade septic tanks which discharge directly into watercourses (e.g ditches, streams, canals, rivers or surface water drains). The new rules are designed to reduce pollution from sewage in watercourses. It is no longer acceptable to discharge untreated wastewater into watercourses. Some property owners may be required to upgrade or replace systems.

Where properties with septic tanks that discharge directly to watercourses are sold, responsibility for the replacement or upgrade of the existing treatment system should be agreed upon between the buyer and seller as a condition of the sale.

We can replace systems with a sewage treatment plant which treats the waste so it is clean enough to discharge into a watercourse. Alternatively, we can install a drainage field or soakaway. Or we can connect properties to the main sewer (where available).

Commercial Sewage Treatment Plant Installation:

Our teams do also install treatment plants for commercial customers. The unit in the photo below is a Klargester BioDisc BL system which was installed for a new development at a leisure centre. We were able to recommend this unit to our customer following a thorough site visit and collaborating with Kingspan who we work alongside. This was to make sure the specification would meet our client’s needs.

Commercial Sewage Treatment Plant Installations

FAQ’s on Sewage Treatment Plant Installations

How long does it take to install a sewage treatment plant?

The average time for a sewage treatment plant installation can take between 5-8 days. This time period is subject to weather and access. During the installation, there is no need to move out. Generally, there will be no disruption to day to day living.

Sewage treatment plant installation costs:

The cost of installing a new system will largely depend on the type of system you choose, the brand and the specific requirements needed to suit yourself and your property. Our knowledgeable team will be able to give you advice and recommendations as well as discuss costs with you.

Can I install a sewage treatment plant myself?

We do not recommend installing a sewage treatment plant yourself unless you are 100% confident in your ability. If incorrectly installed, an off-mains sewage system can leave you in a nasty mess – both physically and legally. Hiring a professional contractor to do the installation for you is the best way to give peace of mind that your system is suitable for your needs, reliable and legally compliant.

Where should you place a sewage treatment plant?

A sewage treatment plant must be more than 7 metres from a habitable property. The soakaway must be a minimum of 10 metres from a watercourse.

Does a sewage treatment plant need a soakaway?

It is preferable to install outlets from sewage treatment plants in a suitable drainage field. If this is not feasible due to porosity tests failing or the location, then a watercourse/ditch can be approved by the EA (every location varies).