How The WPL Diamond Sewage Treatment Plant Works

How The WPL Diamond Sewage Treatment Plant Works

The WCS Environmental Engineering Diamond, previously known as the WPL Diamond is specifically designed to better meet the demands of modern living compared to a septic tank system. It offers a quicker process and a more environmentally friendly outcome, making it the perfect replacement solution. The system requires no chemicals, allowing the final effluent to be safely discharged into a soakaway or watercourse.

But how exactly does the sewage system work? In this blog post, we’ll explore the inner workings of the WCSEE Diamond Sewage Treatment Plant, focusing on its design, processes, and exceptional performance.

Who is the WCSEE Diamond for?

The Diamond is engineered to treat wastewater for groups ranging from 1 and 55 people. This system makes it ideal for remote and rural sites that are not connected to mains drainage, including:

  • Campsite, hotels and B&Bs
  • Commercial buildings, offices and retail spaces
  • Stately home and country estates
  • Septic tank replacements
  • New build and refurbishments

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How the WPL Diamond process works?

WPL Diamond Process

Initial Entry and Bio-Chamber Processing: The wastewater flows into the main tanker and directly enters the bio-chamber. In this zone, solids circulate continuously, facilitated by air movement rather than mechanical or electrical parts in the tank. 

Draft Tube Recirculation: The draft tube draws the solids back up into the central aeration chamber. Here, they are re-circulated through the treatment process, ensuring thorough breakdown and treatment.

Safe Discharge: The treated liquid exits through the dip pipe and is discharged safely into the environment, meeting the required consent standard. 

Benefits of the Diamond

  • WCSEE Group offers a 25 years warranty and 2 years warranty on the blowers (housed in the kiosk)
  • No internal electrical or mechanical moving parts inside the tank which means minimal maintenance is required compared to other alternative systems.
  • Meets all the current discharge regulations and designed using the British Water Code of Practise Flows and Loads to ensure the tank is the correct size.
  • They are designed to be discreet with flush lids to the ground and odourless plants, so visitors won’t even know it’s there!


The WCSEE Diamond meets the strict regulatory standards to ensure environmental safety and legal compliance, including the following:

  • CE mark EN12566-3 approval: Certified to European standards for small sewage treatment plants, ensuring reliability and performance.
  • Effluent Standards: Exceeds the minimum requirements with effluent concentrations of 20mg/I BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand), 30mg/I SS (Suspended Solids), and 20mg/I NH4-N (Ammonia), ensuring safe discharge into the environment.
  • Part H2 UK Building Regulations Compliant: Designed to meet the UK regulatory standards for wastewater disposal.
  • Designed using British Water Code of Practise Flows & Loads: Engineered for optimal performance tailored to local conditions and usage.
  • Meets Environmental Agency (EA) General Binding Rules: Complies with the latest standards for sewage treatment.

Sewage Treatment Plant Installation

If you are considering a sewage treatment plant install, you need to know that the system you are considering suits your needs.

Our fully qualified civil engineering and groundworks teams are able to recommend systems from several manufacturers including WCSEE Group, Klargester Kingspan and Tricel ensuring a perfect fit for your requirements after a thorough site visit.

We will then carry out the full sewage treatment plant install from initial excavation to final commissioning and testing; this ensures that you have peace of mind that you are dealing with one contractor from start to finish whilst ensuring delivery on time and to budget.

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