Whale Tankers Factory Tour

Whale Tankers Factory Tour

Our Operations Managers, Gary Milbourn and Curly Walker were recently invited to a tour around the Whale Tankers factory in Birmingham. This visit gave us a closer look at the technology and processes behind the tankers that are essential to our waste management operations.

A New Addition To Our Fleet: Whale Tanker

Earlier this year, due to a surge in demand, we added a new Whale 4k vacuum tanker mounted on a Volvo chassis to our fleet. This marked a significant change from our usual vacuum tankers. Due to the urgency, we also couldn’t have it sprayed our signature yellow during the production process like the Crossland Tankers in our fleet or vinyl wrapped by Create Vehicle Wrapping, as we did with our new Bucher Municipal SuperFlex C140.

We were so impressed by the performance of the Whale vacuum tanker, prompting our team to eagerly accept an invitation to visit the Whale Tankers Factory. UK Sales director for Whale Tankers; Phil Harris was our fantastic host for the day and made our team feel very welcome. All the staff at the Whale Tankers tour took the time to stop and answer all our questions regarding their roles and about the tanker manufacturing process.

CountyClean Group Whale Vacuum Tanker on a Volvo Chassis

Exploring Different Chassis Options

The factory floor was rushing with activity, with many chassis lined up, ready to be transformed into tankers. It was interesting to note the preference for Scania, Daf, and Volvo chassis, largely due to their compatibility with most tanker designs. Since most of our tankers are currently on a Mercedes chassis, it was interesting to see fewer Mercedes chassis available, due to their slightly different configuration. This insight will be crucial for us when considering future purchases and ensuring we opt for the most compatible and efficient chassis for our needs.

Whale Tanker Chassis Options

Seeing the Barrel Production Process

One of the most fascinating parts of the tour was observing the barrels in various stages of production. Our team were able to see a barrel that had just emerged from the shot blasting bay, its surface pristine and ready for the next step—painting. The thorough process highlighted the precision and care taken at each stage of manufacturing, ensuring the final product is both durable and reliable.

Whale Tanker Barrel Manufacturing Process
Whale Tanker Barrel Manufacturing Process
Whale Tanker Barrel Manufacturing Process

Commitment to Employee Well-Being

The Whale Tanker factory also impressed us with its commitment to employee well-being. The breakout area for staff was well-equipped with multiple lockers, microwaves, and a fully functional kitchen area. It was a pleasant and welcoming space, reflecting the Whale Tankers’ dedication to creating a positive working environment. Recently, Whale Tankers organised a Mental Health First Aid drop in day for all their employees which gave them an opportunity to meet all the internal mental health volunteers.

Looking Ahead: Future Prospects

The trip to the Whale Tanker factory was more than just an educational visit; it was very inspirational and gave our operations managers a lot to think about.

As we move forward, the insights gained from this visit will definitely help us with the decision making process, helping us to improve our fleet with more efficient tankers and improve our workplace environment.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore new technologies and strategies to improve our operations at CountyClean Group.

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