Oily Water Interceptor Maintenance Importance

Oily Water Interceptor Maintenance Importance

Regular interceptor cleaning is essential to keep your site running efficiently. It will help to avoid costly downtime from the consequences of pollution from surface water or drainage issues.

What is the Purpose of an Oil Interceptor in a Site Drainage System?

Interceptor tanks will usually be found at commercial and industrial sites where vehicles may leak fuel and oil onto the ground including; fire stations, supermarkets, garage forecourts, car parks, car wash bays, bus depots and industrial yards.

Interceptors (also known as fuel interceptors or oily water separators) are fitted to drainage systems to separate oil, silt, and other hazardous contaminants from the wastewater. This helps in preventing pollution to the local watercourse.

How Does an Interceptor Tank Work?

The primary function is to separate oil from water. They work by trapping rainwater runoff which ensures that any contaminates including oil do not contaminate watercourses or the environment.

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How Often Should an Interceptor be Emptied?

The Environment Agency recommends that interceptors are cleared every six months to avoid blockages and prevent the risk of pollution to the environment.

Regular emptying will prevent a build-up of silt and contaminants which will reduce the capacity, increasing the risk of pollution.

What Can We Do to Help?

At CountyClean Group, we can plan bespoke and regular interceptor emptying with a maintenance programme to work around you.

Our experienced and fully qualified operators will use powerful vacuum tankers to remove the oily water and silt from your interceptors.

We are licensed and accredited by the Environment Agency and ensure that all waste is treated and recycled to the highest safety and industry standards.

Additional Services We Offer for Oil Water Separator Cleaning

To make sure that you get the best results from your interceptor emptying, we have a range of services available that can help prolong the life and efficiency.

This includes CCTV drain surveys to identify any blockages, drain jetting to clear debris and powerful vacuum tankers for liquid waste disposal to ensure your drainage system is clean.

We operate in London and across the South, bringing you quality service, reliability and a dedication to providing the best value for separator and interceptor emptying. For a free quote or consultation to get your oily water interceptor emptied, contact us today.

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