Tips To Keep Your Hospitality or Leisure Business Running

Tips To Keep Your Hospitality or Leisure Business Running

With consumers being encouraged to book UK holidays, the staycation boom is set to continue into summer and autumn 2021 and CountyClean Group is here to help the hospitality and tourism sector!

Step 2 of the Covid-19 roadmap went ahead earlier this week, successfully allowing most outdoor attractions and settings including outdoor hospitality venues, zoos, theme parks and drive-in cinemas to reopen. Self-contained accommodations such as campsites and holiday lets have reopened to households where facilities are not shared.

Providing that the vaccine rollout remains successful and cases remain low, step 3 of the roadmap is set to commence no earlier than 17th May where indoor hospitality will reopen, as well as the rest of the accommodation sector, which includes; hotels, hostels and B&B’s.

Marloes De Vries, Associate Director of Travel at Mintel said: “demand for staycations during the summer period is expected to exceed pre-Covid-19 levels and could well reach a new 10-year record due to pent-up demand following disrupted travel plans.”

Limited options to travel overseas is likely to have helped boost the desire to explore sights closer to home or to discover what is on our own doorstep. We are very lucky to be surrounded by an ample amount of beautiful holiday destinations in the South and South East of the UK and want to help business owners out where we can with tips and advice!

Tips To Keep Your Hospitality or Leisure Business Running

Our Tips & Advice

At facilities not connected to the mains sewers, we highly advise keeping a close eye on your sewage system to avoid costly breakdowns from increased usage and surges. We also advise owners of caravan parks and campsites to hand out flyers to residents and customers with a reminder to only flush the ‘3P’s’ (Pee, Poo & Paper)!

Food service establishments can ensure their business is kept running by fitting grease management systems, installing strainers on plug holes, making sure new and existing staff are trained regularly, and by scraping all waste from plates and utensils into a food waste bin. Your FOG (fat, oil and grease) management system should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Ensure your external drainage is kept free of blockages by keeping areas around aco and gully grates clean and free of debris including leaves, dirt and rubbish.

Tips To Keep Your Hospitality or Leisure Business Running

How Can CountyClean Help Businesses in the Hospitality and Leisure Industry?

We have a complete range of services available for leisure, hospitality and accommodation businesses should any issues with external drainage, grease management system and sewage systems such as; sewage treatment plants, pump stations, cesspits, or septic tanks arise. We also offer a 24/7 emergency response service should you need us urgently.

We are able to offer high pressure water jetting, road sweepers, liquid waste removal, civils and groundworks and CCTV drain surveys to help keep your business running throughout the staycation boom this year!

Get in touch with us at any time of day or night, somebody will always be available to take your call.


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