Fighting the Biggest Fatberg Ever Discovered

Fighting the Biggest Fatberg Ever Discovered

Water companies allocate huge sums to fight fatbergs

With another giant fatberg found in a sewer below Oxford, BBC News were keen to get our thoughts on this increasing problem for the major water companies as they allocate huge sums from their budgets to tackle the problem caused by their customers.

The accumulation of fatty deposits and detritus has blocked another main artery in the sewer of another major city with inevitable disruption to the public and transport systems.

How to make a Fatberg

Flushing fatty food waste down the sink starts the process for making a fatberg.

Many people are under the impression that using detergent dissolves fat: it doesn’t.

When the waste water cools down all the fat congeals and sticks to the side of the sewer. Then the problem starts as other detritus in the system clinks to the fat in a ‘snowman effect’. The flow rate through the sewerage system will continue to reduce until a full size fatberg blocks the system completely. The flood that results is not pleasant as raw sewage begins to back up and flood through the streets and into properties.

Fight the Fatberg

It takes state-of-the-art high-pressure water jetting equipment to break up a giant fatberg allowing the waste to be removed by powerful vacuum tankers. CountyClean has custom designed their Kroll Recycler to do just that.

This custom designed Jet Vac unit can also recycle the waste it collects, filtering out water to be re-used for continuous high-pressure jetting, allowing their Kroll Recycler to remain on station for longer periods saving time and money – and its great for the environment too.

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