Environment Award

Environment Award

CountyClean win the Environment Award at Achievers Awards 2014

At the annual Eastbourne Achievers Awards, where the unsung heroes of our town are honoured for their contribution to the local community, CountyClean Environmental Services  was recognised by the local business community and was awarded the prestigious Environment Award.

Earlier this year, CountyClean saved the Pevensey Levels in Eastbourne from flooding during the recent spell of prolonged wet weather; their prompt action to remove silt from the sewerage system avoided Pevensey and Westham from resembling the Somerset Levels earlier in the year.

In August 2013 the company saved Kinsgston-upon-Thames residents from a very unpleasant fate by clearing a hardened mass of fat and wet wipes, weighing 15 tonnes, from beneath Kingston High Street.


Believed to be the largest fatberg ever filmed, footage of the 15 tonne giant went viral within 24 hours of being uploaded to YouTube.  Reported on BBC News, Channel 4, ITV, Sky News and across the globe, the huge blockage in the main sewer was cleared by CountyClean with their latest hi-tech Kroll Recycler with its high pressure water jetting capability.

Support vehicles including their CCTV Drain Survey response vehicles provided support to tackle this mammoth challenge and save the streets and surrounding homes and businesses from flooding with raw sewage.

This huge fatberg had been caused by local residents and businesses disposing of fat and detritus down sinks and drains.

The blockage was so large that the flow was reduced to just 5% and threatened to flood local properties causing extensive damage at huge cost to repair.

The size of the fatberg meant it took nearly three weeks to clear.

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