Beachy Head Lighthouse Renovation

Beachy Head Lighthouse Renovation

CountyClean Supports Beachy Head Lighthouse Renovation

When managing director Mike Walker at CountyClean Environmental Services Ltd was asked for his support to help restore Beachy Head lighthouse he had no hesitation in agreeing that the Beachy Head Lighthouse Renovation got support from CountyClean.

Trinity House has stated that they will no longer be carrying out repainting of the red stripes on the lighthouse and that the day marker stripes are no longer required due to the high tech navigation systems on board today’s vessels.

This controversial decision was met with a fixed determination from the local community to raise enough funds to ensure the distinctive landmark was restored to its original colourful glory.

A campaign to raise nearly £30,000 was launched by local organisations including the Eastbourne Herald. The Beachy Head Lighthouse Renovation Project campaign was successful and work to start the project began today. Paul Thomas from Trinity House will oversee the project.

Following its automation in 1983 the lighthouse has been unmanned and the last three lighthouse keepers have long since gone.

Since 2011 its range has been reduced to 8 nautical miles following the installation of an LED light. With no fresh water supply to the 140 ft lighthouse, it was essential for the project that there was a plentiful supply made available to allow four men to live on site for three weeks as they carry out their work. Several tonnes of fresh water were needed and with no access available by land, the only option was to carry it by boat and pump it on to the landing stage at the lighthouse. No mean feat in a south westerly.

CountyClean Environmental Services has all the equipment needed to handle moving such a large volume of fresh water and began moving supplies today in support of the project aboard Excaliber III with skipper Lance Brown. Work should take around 4 weeks to complete.

The water supplied will be used to jet wash the entire lighthouse before painting begins and should certainly provide plentiful mugs of hot tea as the darker nights and weather close in as autumn takes hold.

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