Case Study – Gatwick Airport Ltd

Case Study – Gatwick Airport Ltd

Brief: The experts at CountyClean Group are frequently called upon to tackle a variety of jobs in the South East, including notable works in the Gatwick and Crawley area. One project that our experts were tasked with in recent years required the team to take on a schedule of works at Gatwick Airport.

The works required the team to draw on their expertise, to cleanse the surface water drainage in the car park areas and all landside perimeter roads, owned and maintained by Gatwick Airport Ltd.

Solution: The work was undertaken in order to successfully unblock and remove built up silt and debris from road gullies and surface water lines along several miles of roadway, as well as the very extensive area covered by customer and staff car parks at the airport.

The works involved scheduling the attendance of CountyClean Groups combination units around the requirements and restrictions imposed by a busy airport environment. It was necessary to conduct the majority of works on the perimeter roads at night, with the customer providing traffic management or an escort to ensure a safe working environment.

Gatwick Case Study

The team at CountyClean are used to undertaking large jobs while ensuring minimum disruption to business operations and naturally business had to continue while the work was completed.

Access to car park areas proved a particular challenge throughout the process, due to the busy nature of the working environment.

The team were required to work closely with the customer to ensure they could be available when there was an opportunity to access an empty car park area, as the window to complete any works in the car parks was very small.

Due to tight regulations and procedures, it was a requirement of the customer, for the team to record any defects found during the course of the work and to provide additional location details and a grid reference based on mapping provided by the customer.

Results: The hard work and expertise demonstrated by the team at CountyClean meant they successfully met the customer’s needs and completed the full cleansing of the surface water drainage serving all the landside perimeter roads. Gatwick’s Facilities Manager said ‘’I have to say Gatwick landside has never looked so good! ‘’

Ongoing work for Gatwick includes continuing to provide both scheduled cleansing, and reactive works for a variety of issues, to ensure the continued operation of the drainage system.

A large amount of the waste removed in completing these works was of disposed of through CountyClean Groups own waste recycling facility just a 15 minute drive from the airport. The new site enabled the team to be more productive than would have been possible using third party sites, as they were able to leave the site to tip the waste and be back on site within an hour to ensure an efficient and thorough job.

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