Blocked Drains: Winter Advice from CountyClean

Blocked Drains: Winter Advice from CountyClean

Blocked drains can be an unsuspected problem for many homeowners and businesses at this time of year.  Build up of all manner of debris from leaves, twigs, and other rubbish coming into the drainage system from the ground can go onto meet other debris likely to cause blockages.  This can include a build up of grease and fat deposited into the system from home and business owners.

Grease and fat can be a particular problem and can congest your drainage system, building up sizeable deposits known as ‘fatbergs’.

One way of preventing the creation of fat and grease in to your drainage system, is to soak up the content with kitchen towels to deposit into your bin, instead of washing the grease or fat down the sink straight into your drainage system.

Who is responsible for blocked drains?

If you are the property owner and the drain is within the boundary of your property, then it will your responsibility to have the drains cleared.  Beyond your boundary the responsibility will be with the supplier.  Your insurance may cover blocked drains so it’s worth checking your policy. 

How CountyClean Group Can Help

CountyClean has a fully licensed and accredited team operating the latest ‘Van Pack Drain Jetting Units’ backed up with an emergency response hotline for you to call in the event a blocked drain begins to cause you or your business a problem.

Our trained drainage operatives are able to deal with all sizes of blockages from small domestic issues through the UK’s highest recorded ‘Fatberg’.  The team are equipped with the latest high pressure drain jetting equipment, and have larger Kroll Recycler Units for large underground works.

For emergencies please call 0800 1712204

Blocked Drains: Winter Advice from CountyClean

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