Investment in Safety and the Environment

Investment in Safety and the Environment

Focus on… Euro 6 Engines

CountyClean Environmental Services has a proactive approach to ensuring the company is ahead of the game when it comes to Safety & the Environment.  Each year the company invests heavily into these areas.  The focus of this post is to share some information on the revised Emission standards for engines in Europe and how CountyClean is investing to meet these new standards.

Euro 6 Standard

The latest standard was introduced in September 2014 for type approval vehicles, and is a requirement for all new vehicles with effect from September 2015.

The standard more than halves the amount of Nitrogen Oxide that is emitted to 80mg/km for diesel vehicles and keeps the standard for petrol at 60mg/km.  The regulations also cover other harmful emissions such as Carbon Monoxide, Non-Methane Hydrocarbons, total Hydrocarbons and Particulates.

The effect of this introduction on cars alone should see an 84% drop in Nitrogen Oxide emissions (Source: Society of Motor Manufacturers).

The CountyClean Fleet

CountyClean has 8 HGV’s and 8 smaller commercial vehicles within the fleet.  When a vehicle reaches 3 years of service, CountyClean looks to replace the vehicle to ensure the fleet is up to the highest possible specification in terms of safety, technological and environmental advances.

So far, the fleet has 2 vehicles which meet Euro 6 Standards and has a third due to join the fleet later this month.

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