How a Klargester Septic Tank Works

How a Klargester Septic Tank Works

Bad smells, soggy ground and water not draining from the house quickly enough are all signs that your Klargester septic tank is not coping.

To avoid a  flood or worse still, a more serious spill causing pollution to the local environment, plastic septic tanks or concrete septic tanks should be checked straight away, particularly if you are experiencing slow drainage from your toilet, sink, shower or bath at the same time.

If there is evidence of an overspill from your Klargester septic tank from the ground being wet in dry weather and the grass surrounding the tank being very green and healthy, you may have to arrange for a septic tank service to remove sludge from the tank.

Whatever type of septic system you have, we’ve got the right equipment and skilled staff to get things flowing again – quickly and safely. We’re licensed and accredited and are available 24 hours a day – every day.

For more information on how septic tanks work you can have a look at our easy to understand article and diagram.

Klargester Septic Tank Emptying

Of the various types of septic tanks available, a Klargester septic tank is one option for disposing of sewage and wastewater and is used by many homeowners throughout the country. The Klargester septic tank is synonymous with quality and our engineers are highly experienced in maintaining this type of equipment including Klargester sewage treatment plants.

Working correctly, a Klargester septic tank will collect your wastewater, separate out the solids and discharge the effluent into the drain field or soakaway.

So far so good.

When solids build up in your Klargester septic tank they can block the outlet to your drain field resulting in your waste flooding the surrounding area. This could have serious consequences for the environment, so you’ll need to carry out a septic tank service as soon as possible.

The Environment Agency takes a dim view on this and may take action, which could end up being very costly to you as the homeowner.

Arranging a regular service for your Klargester septic tank will help you keep your system in good working order, avoid the risk of spills and floods and give you peace of mind.

It may be that you’re considering upgrading your system to a sewage treatment plant that uses the Klargester Bio Disk. This system is more efficient as it allows for more reliable, efficient and environmentally safe solution for your sewage disposal.

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Attending Klargester Emptying

How Does a Klargester Septic Tank Work?

CountyClean is licensed and accredited and our trained engineers are available for planned service visits or for one-off bookings as well as emergencies.

Our engineers will carry out septic tank emptying for you as part of your Klargester service and will remove all sludge and silt from your tank. This is done quickly by one of our powerful vacuum tankers saving you time and money.

Your waste will then be transferred to the nearest licensed treatment facility for disposal and recycling and we’ll provide you with the correct documentation. This will confirm your duty of care has been carried out correctly. We have a policy not to dispose of waste on agricultural land.

If you’re concerned about other blockages in your pipework, we can also provide high pressure water jetting to make sure the drain pipes are clean and clear and in pristine condition.

To get even better value for money, talk to us today to arrange your regular septic tank service by CountyClean.

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