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Breeze Through Winter with Advice from CountyClean Group

As winter draws ever closer and the air grows crisper by the day, it’s not just the impending festive season that home and business owners need to prepare for.

With autumn currently in full swing, pathways, roads and driveways up and down the country are heavily strewn with leaves and debris. Large amounts of this seasonal shedding from trees can have serious consequences for drainage systems, which if not removed properly can cause blockages and overflows that lead to flooding.

Our new state of the art road sweepers have been specially designed to enable the collection of higher volumes of road waste, which allows our sweepers to operate on site for longer periods of time, saving time and ensuring that our services offer you the very best value for money.


Sweepers can be used to clear large amounts of debris from all manner of locations, including private roads, construction sites, runways, factories, depots, gullies and landfill sites.

It isn’t only the clearance of leaves and road debris that requires the use of our Scarab Magnum Plus Titanium sweepers, as they are regularly deployed to clear dirt, fuels, litter, oils, water and non-toxic chemicals from locations across London and the South East.

Unpredictable winter weather and therefore the potential for subsequent flooding, makes keeping drains and run-offs free of blockages a priority for many businesses, it also helps prevent litter and spillages from blowing onto other sites. It is our business to ensure that yours continues to run efficiently and safely as not only does a clean site promote effective working practices, it also helps you to meet your duty of care to staff making sure that they are able to work in a safe environment.

It is not only businesses who can benefit from our road sweepers, as homes on private roads often contact us requesting that we clear the surface debris before it becomes a hazard. Early action also means this waste doesn’t have a chance to enter gullies or drains removing the anxiety surrounding a future blockage.

Gully Cleaning

Even with the best intentions, a gully or drains blockage can catch you off guard. Whether it is silt or debris which needs cleaning, we can ensure you of a professional and fast response to get things flowing again.

Our high powered Kroll Recycler is the lynchpin allowing our experienced teams to clear and clean gullies, whilst at the same time keeping your costs down and minimising disruption. This efficient piece of kit is capable of remaining on site as it recycles waste water for high pressure jetting, making light work of problem blockages.

While it’s always a good idea to prepare by sweeping spillages and waste before they become a problem, here at CountyClean Group we know that sometimes waste build up can be unforeseen and you may require an emergency response. Our team are available 24/7 to deal with clearances, small or large. Having worked with many individuals and businesses – from rail networks to airports – over the years, we understand that business hours and personal time are valuable.

If you require assistance for residential or commercial sites, please contact our friendly team on Freephone 0800 171 2204 who will gladly advise on preventative measures and provide 24/7 emergency response.