The Importance of Grease Traps – Introducing the New EasyClean® free UnderSink Grease Separator

The Importance of Grease Traps – Introducing the New EasyClean® free UnderSink Grease Separator

In November, we welcomed Trevor Webb, Director of Operations at Durey Castings Limited to CountyClean Group’s headquarters to introduce us to Kessel’s EasyClean® free UnderSink grease separator. Trevor gave our team a detailed presentation on the grease separator and the guys were able to get their hands on the trap to fully understand how it can be assembled and used.

  A group of five smiling men gather around a table where they are assembling a purple and black grease separator.


Fats, oils and grease (FOG) are not advised to be poured down your sink/drain and the damage caused may be costly to repair. FOG can not only clog your drains and reduce the flow of wastewater, but can also affect water treatment facilities. A ‘grease trap’ may be exactly what you need avoid any short-term and long-term damage.

Kessel’s EasyClean® free UnderSink

Durey Castings Limited are the largest independent accredited specialist and distributor of manhole covers, gully gates, associated drainage ware and rapid set mortars and concretes across the UK. Their website can be found here.

They supply and distribute Kessel products, including the EasyClean® free UnderSink Grease Separator, which was introduced to us by Trevor Webb, Director of Operations at Durey Castings Limited.  


A tabletop view of Kessel's Easy Clean Free Under Sink black and purple grease trap positioned in front of the County Clean Group sign.  

Kessel’s grease trap is water and odour tight, as well as including an inspection window which will allow you to check the grease layer thickness without removing the lid. This means that using the Grease Separator is a clean and efficient process. The product is made of 100% polymer, meaning it is durable and corrosion free. With a 20-year guarantee, it proves to be a strong product with a long lifespan.

This product could be of great benefit to fast-food vans and the hospitality sector. The product is simple to use and comes with an easy-to-use visual manual. Check out Kessel’s EasyClean® free UnderSink video for a detailed demonstration on how it works, here.  


A diagram of the inside of a grease trap that shows a layer of grease, laying on top of waste water.
Source: Kessel


So How Does a Grease Trap/ Grease Separator Work? 

A grease trap cools warm/hot greasy water and then it will separate the grease and food waste from the water. Undertaking a regular maintenance of the grease trap and of the trap line, will benefit you by helping to avoid any blockages and problems that may occur. A grease trap may not be suitable for a residential property as FOG can be collected on a smaller scale, in a container, and disposed of at your local recycling facility. However, it may appeal to large scale establishments such as hotels and restaurants and prove to be a useful product to avoid any unwanted FOG problems.

Should you Install a Grease Trap by yourself?

To avoid any unpleasant damage to your drains and sewer systems, grease traps or grease separators should be installed by a professional. Our friendly operatives at CountyClean are happy to supply and install the EasyClean® free UnderSink for you, so that your grease trap operates smoothly with no interruption.

How Often Do Grease Traps Need to Be Emptied?

You need to keep an eye on the waste level, when is it 25% full of solids it must be cleaned. In order to maintain your grease trap, we can also offer you an effective and regular grease trap emptying service with our powerful vacuum tankers to help you avoid expensive emergency call outs and repairs. For smaller, commercial grease trap’s we send equipped engineers. This service is ideal for emptying grease traps such as the EasyClean® free UnderSink which are predominantly found in less accessible spaces such as kitchens.

After emptying your grease trap, we are able to dispose of your waste in a licensed facility. We operate our specialist grease trap emptying service across London and the South, our rates are highly competitive, and we can also provide an immediate response in the case of an emergency.

Additional Services We Offer for Grease Trap Emptying

To ensure maximum efficiency after we empty your grease trap, we can also provide high pressure water jetting to remove hard deposits and other debris that accumulate in grease traps over time.

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