Super Combination

Super Combination

CountyClean tanker teams up with powerful Kroll Recycler for major utility works

Teaming their powerful Kroll Recycler with a vacuum tanker created a super combination and provided increased capacity and power for CountyClean to clean a major asset at a sewage treatment plant in London.

Super Combination

Although their Kroll Recycler is capable of working independently and remaining on station as it uses recovered water from its high pressure water jetting operation, an additional tanker acting as a water bowser allowed the Kroll to use even more of its chamber capacity for recovering silt and debris.

High Pressure Jetting

Working at pressures up to 170 bar, the jetting head used by the Kroll for high pressure water jetting forcefully propelled itself through the debris and silt of the underground sewerage system, forcing it backwards under pressure, where it was recovered by the vacuum hose of the recycler and moved on board the Kroll.

Portareel Extends Reach

Connecting their Portareel to the Kroll’s high pressure hose extended the reach of the Recyler to 500 metres and also allowed for a much greater degree of flexibility. The Portareel can easily access areas that the 32 tonne Kroll was unable to reach due to the terrain.

Environmental Services For All Sectors

CountyClean Environmental Services has a wealth of experience in managing liquid waste services for sewerage systems, drains, culverts and tunnels.

In addition they are licensed waste carriers and a UK Spill Contractor Accredited company who can provide advice and services to business and property owners who deal with drainage systems and who believe they require support, advice and works to remedy problems with their drainage systems.

Should you have any questions, need advice or require an emergency response, please contact us on our 24 hour response line: 01323 741 818.

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