London Road Closed by Sinkhole

London Road Closed by Sinkhole

Section of London Road closed by sinkhole

Following the discovery of a large hole on the A23 London Road from Brighton, a section of the road has been closed on the northbound carriageway between the Fleming Way and Lowfield Heath roundabouts as the carriageway began to show signs of subsidence.

The section of road was closed immediately as it was deemed unsafe for traffic due to the burst pipe below.

Thames Water have begun its investigations and work to repair the damage to a large pressurised pipe between Crawley and Gatwick Airport.

Diversions are in place as Thames Water work with West Sussex County Council and the emergency services to put things right.

The waste water from around one third of the homes in Crawley will need to be diverted to avoid sewage and waste water backing up to these properties.

Work is expected to take some time and last at least two weeks and will be more complicated as the pipe carrying sewage will not be shut down during the repair work.

CountyClean is on standby to help if required.

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