CountyClean Group Win Project Contracts for Groundworks in Sussex

CountyClean Group Win Project Contracts for Groundworks in Sussex

Although here at CountyClean Group we often undertake a number of commercial jobs for a variety of different businesses, operating within the heart of East Sussex means we also regularly receive requests to complete work for rural domestic households.

Often, our customers live in the beautiful Sussex Countryside, which means their homes come with septic tanks and sewage treatment requirements. The CountyClean civil engineering team have seen a number of requests in recent months for sewage treatment plant installations in the local area. Our experts have undertaken extensive groundworks and sewage treatment system replacement jobs in order to ensure homes in the county remain safe, and dispose of waste efficiently and in the most environmentally friendly way.

A summer request saw the team tackle a sewage treatment plant in Chailey which was no longer functioning correctly and was beyond economical repair. This property required the installation of a brand new system, which would treat the liquid waste, turning it into cleansed effluent that could potentially be stored and used in an allotment, or able to flow into a river without harming the environment or local residents. As champions of the local environment, at CountyClean Group we always dispose of waste in the most environmentally friendly way, and are consistently looking for ways to ensure we are offering the most cost effective options with the least impact on the surroundings.

img_7869As the home was occupied, the team were required to ensure that the driveway and entrance to the home were accessible and free of obstructions, guaranteeing that the residents could move freely around the property.

The job was completed on time and on budget, with minimum disruption to the customer. There was however an additional challenge for the team in the form of rock discovered at the bottom of the trench, this was solid, and was not able to be broken using machinery.

Due to space restrictions this required the team to break the rocky obstruction manually, despite the challenges; the team were able to complete the work in just eight days, with the job coming in on time and on the customer’s budget.


aco-drains-amend-2As well as operating in Sussex and the South East, our services also extend to London and Surrey. The team have seen an increased demand over recent weeks for drainage services including a commission for a large job undertaking replacement of Aco drains on the Spindle Court Industrial Estate in Crawley.

This required the civil engineering and groundworks specialists to ensure the drainage systems were effectively catching water from the car park and surrounding areas.

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