Pump Station Breakdown

Pump Station Breakdown

If a sewer pumping station fails or is unable to cope with higher sewage flows, raw sewage will be discharged into the environment. A pump station breakdown can cause devastation to fish and other wildlife.

Immediate action should be taken to stop the discharge and to carry out repairs.

Significant fines can be imposed by the Environment Agency.

What Should I do?

In the event of a pump station breakdown, contact 0800 171 2204 immediately for support.

Pump Stations For Sewage

Pump stations for sewage are designed to lift sewage from an underground pit or wet well to a higher level by means of a pressurised pipe or rising main. These pump stations are activated by electrical sensors, triggered when the level of sewage reaches a set point.

The levels in the wet well and the settings for the pumps are set to minimise starts and stops.

When the pump motors are activated, sewage is pumped to a higher level where it is discharged into the main sewerage network and under gravity, finds its way to a treatment plant.

Sewage pump stations are designed to handle normal flow rates and have back-up pumps in case of a pump station breakdown.

Pump Station Problems

Pump station problems are a common occurrence  in London with high flow rates due to over-population, the lack of drainage caused by urban development as well as surface water finding its way into the system.

When the flow becomes too much, raw sewage mixed with surface water is regularly discharged into the River Thames on an average of once a week.

The Thames Tideway Tunnel is being built to overcome this problem as London’s population has outgrown the capacity of the sewerage system.

Traditional Pump Stations

Traditional pumping stations for sewage were designed with a wet and a dry well.

The dry well or pump house protected the pump and the electrics, whilst the wet well housed the sewage.

The dry well is a confined space and requires specialist contractors with confined space training to carry out maintenance and repairs in the event of a breakdown.

Modern Pump Stations

A modern pump station usually comprise only of a wet well with submersible sewage pumps with sealed motors. These pumps are easy to maintain or replace as they are lifted out of the wet well to the surface by chain. There is no risk from the confined space of a dry well.

Submersible pump sewage pump stations are safer and smaller and have almost replaced traditional pumping stations.

About CountyClean Group

CountyClean Environmental Services Ltd provide professional liquid waste management services for Pump Stations, Sewage Treatment Plants, Spill and Flood Response, Hazardous Waste Disposal, High Pressure Water Jetting and CCTV Drain Surveys.

CountyClean have a dedicated service for pump station repairs with qualified electricians and trained operatives for confined space work.

Should you experience a pump station breakdown, contact a member of our team on 0800 171 2204 for an immediate response.

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