Prepare For Flooding In Sussex

Prepare For Flooding In Sussex

CountyClean Advise On How To Prepare For Flooding In Sussex

Nearly ten percent of the population of the UK are at risk of flooding from the sea or from rivers and reservoirs. If you think you might be at risk, there are number of measures you can take to help prepare for flooding in Sussex, including what action to take during a flood and how you should deal with the clean up afterwards. You can establish your level of risk by checking these links.

Check map for flood threats from rivers and the sea

Check map for flood risk from reservoirs

If you believe your business or home may be at risk from flooding, you can also register for free alerts with the Environment Agency from their Flood-line Warnings Direct service.

Sign up for flood warnings

If you have consider your property or business to be at risk you should prepare a plan and ensure that everyone knows what to do in case of a flood emergency. Your plan should consider what needs to be done before, during and after a flood. You should also arrange suitable insurance to cover property and belongings.

Before A Flood Emergency

Compile a list of important contacts and circulate to everyone who may be involved. Keep this emergency contact list on your mobile and somewhere safe, out of harms way.

Think about any important items that you can move out of harms way before any flood emergency. These might be items that are critical to your business or that have sentimental value. Think about those items that you will have to move during the flood. These may be items such as pets, electrical equipment, cars and furniture.

Make sure everyone knows how to turn off gas and electricity supplies.

Prepare an emergency kit and keep it in an accessible place. This can include items such as torches, blankets, waterproof clothing, blankets, candles, battery-powered radios, first aid kit with any essential medications etc.

Consider what flood protection products you can purchase now to help reduce the flow of flood waters getting into your property.

For further advice on preparing your property for flooding please click here.

During A Flood Emergency

Get hold of your flood kit if you have prepared one and tune into your local radio station and make sure you have plenty of fresh water in sealed containers. You should move personal items, documents and valuables to high ground, above flood water level, Move everyone to high ground including pets, cars and outdoor equipment and switch off gas and electricity supplies at the mains making sure not to allow anyone to touch any electrical equipment when standing in water. Fit flood protection products in place and stop plug holes in baths and sinks and seal any water inlet pipes with towels etc. When moving to higher ground, ensure you have access to an escape route and avoid walking or driving through flood water as the flow could carry you or your car downstream.

After The Flood Has Subsided

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible and take photographs and video of all your damaged property. You should contact your local authority and local charities for help, advice and any grants that may be available if you do not have insurance. Make sure you electrics, water and central heating are checked before you switch them back on.

Flood waters may contain raw sewage and chemicals and so you should always wear protective clothing when you are exposed to the flood waters. Contact an accredited contractor to remove contaminated flood waters and carry out any re-mediation.

CountyClean Environmental Services has a wealth of experience in dealing with emergency flood response including sewerage systems, drains, culverts and tunnels. In addition they are licensed waste carriers and  a UK Spill Contractor Accredited company who can clear blockages and provide advice and services to business and property owners who are at risk from flooding and believe they require support, advice and works following a flood. Should you have any questions, need advice or require an emergency response, please contact us on our 24 hour response line: 01323 741 818.

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