Oil Interceptor Waste Disposal

Oil Interceptor Waste Disposal

Oil Interceptor Waste Disposal Maintenance

Oil Interceptor waste disposal is an essential part of your maintenance programme, which should be carried out on a regular basis.

Operators of car parks, forecourts, garages, depots and other sites with commercial vehicle movement will know that it is vital to intercept oil and contaminants from surface water to prevent the threat of pollution and prosecution.

CountyClean Group has recently won new business within the transportation sector, with its services for safe oil interceptor waste disposal across London and the South East of England

This follows careful planning by the the company, who have made a significant investment in plant and equipment to accommodate a predicted upturn in activity from this sector in line with the upturn in our economy.

Oil Interceptor Emptying and Cleaning

Prosecution for polluting

A recently posted article features a BMW dealership that was fined £40,000 for polluting a local river.

This costly fine could have been avoided had their interceptor been included in their maintenance programme with regular servicing from a licensed waste carrier.

CountyClean Group specialises in oily water waste disposal across the utility, commercial & industrial and marine sectors.

Other services from the group include, sludge and silt removal, sewage collection, CCTV surveys for drains and sewers, tank decommissioning and emergency response for oil contamination and spills and floods.

CountyClean Group has a wealth of experience in dealing with oil interceptor waste disposal and are a licensed waste carrier.

As a UK Spill Contractor accredited company they can provide advice to business and property owners who deal with hazardous products and understand their responsibilities for commercial and industrial waste disposal, including oil spills.

CountyClean Group

How Can CountyClean Group Help with Oil Interceptor Waste Disposal?

At CountyClean Group we can plan a bespoke and regular oil interceptor emptying and maintenance programme to work around you.

Our experienced and fully qualified operators will use powerful vacuum tankers to remove the oily water and clean your interceptors. We also carry out maintenance by replacing old interceptor filters.

We are licensed and accredited by the Environment Agency for oil interceptor emptying and ensure that all waste is treated or recycled to the highest safety and industry standards.

Call us today at 0800 171 2204 or 01323 741818 to discuss your oil interceptor needs.

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