Drainage & Flooding FAQ’s

Drainage & Flooding FAQ’s

With autumn in full swing and the first wave of wet weather been and gone, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions about drainage and flooding.

When Do Gullies Need Cleaning?

Over time, gullies will build-up with silt and other debris such as leaves from seasonal tree shedding. This build-up can cause the gullies to become inefficient or blocked which can create flooding if there is heavy rain.

If you see a roadside gully that is blocked, this should be reported to your local highways authority. However, if the gully is on private property, in a car park or private road, we can provide our gully cleaning and emptying services to get things flowing again. We are also able to provide cleaning for slot drainage.

Where it is necessary, we can also use our CCTV drainage survey equipment to investigate whether connecting pipework is clear and in good condition. High-pressure water jetting and root cutting equipment can be utilised to clear the pipework.

Drainage & Flooding FAQ’s

What Happens if There Is Flooding on the Road?

If you see major flooding on the road then this should immediately be reported to your local highway authority telephone. Minor flooding should also be reported to the local highways authority via the website. However, after heavy rain, it can take some time for the water to drain away. If there is still water on the road or pavement after 2 hours then the issue should be reported.

If there is flooding from a public sewer line or burst water main, then this should be reported to your local water authority.

What Do I Do if Flooding Is Affecting My Property?

If you are in immediate danger then you should call 999 or Floodline on 0345 988 1188. Groundwater flooding should be reported to your local council but flooding caused by private drains is the responsibility of the property owner.

Drainage & Flooding FAQ’s

As well as removing surface water and sewage from flooded areas and commercial properties,  CountyClean Group’s rapid flood response teams are available 24/7 to help prevent infection and contamination from spreading by taking excess water away with powerful vacuum tankers.

Any waste that we remove from site is always transported to a licensed treatment facility where it is processed, made safe and recycled where possible.

We operate as an emergency response team across London and the South, you can count on us any time of day or night. Get in contact with us on 0800 171 2204 or 01323 741818 and our team will be happy to answer any further queries you may have.

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