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What is a CCTV Drainage Survey?

In this article, we will run through what a CCTV drain survey is, when and why you might need one and what happens during a survey.

A CCTV drain camera inspection is a process used to examine and assess the condition of underground drainage to maintain and prolong the condition of the line. The drain survey itself is used to identify cracks, blockages, poor flow rates, tree roots, collapses and any other issues in underground drains, sewers, culverts or other external drainage safely and quickly.

How Does a CCTV Drain Survey Work?

Our engineers will firstly find the access point where the camera can be lowered into the line.

Once the unit is lowered into the line, the camera is driven through the pipework and provides a live video feed of the pipe’s interior to the CCTV vans mobile office. Our highly skilled and experienced engineers will then review the footage live on-site.

Using pan and tilt CCTV cameras, our engineers can view all parts of the drainage system that would otherwise be difficult to survey. Drain surveys also allow data to be gathered safely, minimising the operatives needing to carry out confined space entry into a potentially hazardous environment.

Drain Camera Inspection

Drain Camera Inspection Equipment

Our engineers have access to a wealth of state-of-the-art and high-tech equipment designed to make drain surveys as efficient and effective as possible.

MiniCam Crawlers: These are remote-operated crawlers with pan and tilt facilities which are used to provide quick visual access to sewer systems, providing excellent mobility even in obstructed pipes. Robotic crawlers are used for lines ranging from 150mm to 1500mm in diameter and are remotely controlled from our CCTV vans office suite.

Push Rod Cameras: A push rod camera is used for smaller diameter pipework and is pushed through the line by hand. These are highly flexible and allow for full scoping of the drain and the ability to navigate around bends.CCTV Drain Survey

Once our CCTV drain camera inspection technician identifies a defect, it will be logged on the WinCan reporting system, the severity of the defect will also be listed.

We can also provide a service to trace the pipework marking the surface above ground with the direction and location of the drainage pipework.

What Happens After Your CCTV Drain Camera Survey is Complete?

The engineer can discuss their findings with you on-site as well as compile a report detailing any defects and the recommended course of action to repair the pipework. A DVD of the survey can also be provided if required.

At CountyClean, our experienced teams can repair any defects found in the drainage system including excavating and replacing pipework, relining to repair cracks and high pressure water jetting utilising specialist jetting heads for descaling and root cutting.

We also have a fleet of specialist vehicles including our Kroll recycler and combination units, van pack jetting equipment, Rioned urban combi’s, porta reels and vacuum tankers to provide a full liquid waste disposal and drain cleaning solution.

This provides peace of mind for our customers, ensuring that they receive the same quality of service from finding a problem right through to resolution.

Why and When Should You Get a CCTV Drain Survey Report?

CCTV surveys are used in a variety of situations such as a pre-purchase survey when buying or selling a property. The survey will provide an in-depth review of the current condition of the property’s drainage system and will give an overview of any necessary repairs that may be required. This provides buyers the opportunity to make a fully-informed decision before they sign any contracts.

Drain Survey at Night

CCTV Drain Survey Near Me

Homeowners, tenants and commercial clients may also need a CCTV survey if they are experiencing drainage issues. A survey can find the root cause of a problem. Flooding caused by blocked or collapsed drains can have an adverse effect on business operations and domestic homes. It is essential to locate the source of the issue as soon as possible to minimise damage and significant costs for repairs and remediation.

Drain surveys also support construction projects by identifying drain connectivity and allowing contractors to design appropriate drainage systems that meet regulatory controls. Inspections of drainage system can also be carried out allowing building contractors to show the condition of new drainage works prior to the hand over to their clients.

What Are The Most Common Causes of Drain Blockages?

Have a read of our blog post to find out what the most common causes of drain blockages are as well as what can and cannot be flushed here.

For more information regarding our drain survey services, please call our friendly team at any time on 0800 171 2208 or 01323 714818, visit our CCTV survey webpage or browse our brochure.