Sludge and Silt Disposal In Demand From CountyClean

Sludge and Silt Disposal In Demand From CountyClean

As the construction industry continues to perform well across the housing, civil engineering and commercial sectors, industrial sludge and silt disposal and removal is in demand from contractor CountyClean Environmental, who are reaping the benefits from their strategic planning and investment for growth.

CountyClean Environmental Services has won new business within the construction sector, with its services for liquid waste disposal in demand in London and across all its territory in the South East. This follows careful planning by the board of the company, who have made a significant and timely investment in plant and equipment to accommodate a predicted upturn in activity from the construction industry. Government figures for 2013/2014 predict growth for the waste industry of 3% ahead of the UK economy, which is predicted to grow at 1.2%.

CountyClean has invested in high-tech custom designed vacuum tankers including their Kroll Recycler with its capability for remaining on station as it recycles and re-uses water for high pressure water jetting of sewers and drains. The company recently discovered one of the biggest fatbergs in a sewer managed by Thames Water and successfully cleared the blockage ahead of schedule for the utility company.

CountyClean specialise in liquid waste and sludge and silt disposal across the utility, commercial & industrial and marine sectors. Activities include sludge and silt disposal, oily water disposal, sewage collection as well as CCTV surveys for property, hazardous waste disposal, tank decommissioning and emergency response for oil contamination and spills, flood water and containment.

CountyClean Environmental Services has a wealth of experience in dealing with sludge and silt disposal, oily waters and interceptors, and are a UK Spill Contractor Accredited company who can provide advice to business and property owners who deal with hazardous waste products and understand their responsibilities for commercial and industrial waste disposal, including oil spills. Should you have any questions, need advice or require an emergency response, please contact us at our offices on 01323 741818.

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