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Catch Pit Waste Disposal

We provide a fast and efficient catch pit waste disposal solution across London and the South. Our teams regularly service catch pits for vehicle washing in haulage yards, plant hire yards, car wash bays and coach companies.

Downtime is minimal, allowing your catch pit to be up and running quickly, saving time and cost. If you are in need of this service then do not hesitate to contact us today.

A catch pit is an empty chamber built into a drainage system to trap silt and other debris carried in water drainage pipes, they play a crucial role in preventing blockages in drainage systems and are mostly found in wash bay systems and car wash down bays where trucks, vehicles and heavy equipment are cleaned.

The washings are collected in a catch pit below the washing area where the waste water, sludge, silt and residues are collected. Oil, grease and other contaminants are filtered out in interceptors or separators for collection and disposal.

Regular Catch Pit Maintenance

When levels of oily water, sludge and silt build up in your catch pit, car wash down bay and interceptor you will understand the importance for frequent cleaning, safe collection and disposal in order to keep things in working order to avoid an overspill, which may cause pollution to the local environment.

We have the latest custom-built combination units from Kroll and a fleet of modern vacuum tankers to make sure our teams have the right tools for the job and can remove your liquid waste quickly, safely and efficiently.

Capable of recovering wastewater from vacuuming the sludge and silt, our Kroll Recycler can also provide high pressure water jetting to help with the process of removing stubborn residues quickly to leave your catch pit in perfect working order.

Experts In Catch Pit Waste Disposal

We are a licensed waste carrier and are fully accredited by a number of industry recognised organisations and ensure that our teams will safely collect and transport your catch pit waste to a licensed treatment plant.

We understand your duty of care and the need to prevent an overspill into drainage systems to prevent pollution. However, if you do experience and a 24/7 immediate response service for when things go wrong, call us on 0800 171 2204 or 01323 741818 at any time for an emergency call-out.

Catch Pit Emptying