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Repairing Manhole Covers and Frames – A Guide

We’ve all seen them and walked past them, but what exactly is a manhole, and what should you do if you spot a damaged cover or frame or need to repair a manhole?

What Is a Manhole / Inspection Chamber?

Inspection chambers, also known as manholes, are an important part of any drainage system. Essentially, a manhole is a covered opening that allows access to the drainage system for surveying, cleaning, unblocking or repairing underground utilities.

Why Are Manholes Used?

There are usually manholes located at several intervals down the drainage system to allow for maintenance access. If one area is clear yet another is blocked, the manhole closest to the issue can be lifted and inspected, and work such as high-pressure water jetting can then clear the problem.

manhole repairIf the water is flowing in along the pipe and then stops or backs up, the location of the problem can be confirmed by lifting the manholes and monitoring the water levels. If the levels are high, it suggests there is a problem nearby that requires attention.

Who Is Responsible for Replacing Drain Covers?

Generally, the local water and sewage authority is responsible for maintaining, replacing and repairing manhole and drain covers on public property such as streets, pavements and parks.

Broken or damaged manhole covers are not only unsightly but pose a safety risk. They can also lead to damage to the drains they protect along with rodent issues. If the damaged cover is on a drain that’s inside your boundary and serves only your property, you will be responsible for its maintenance.

Replacing or Repairing Manhole Covers and Frames

Manhole cover repair kits are available through different companies. They are often a quick fix but won’t completely resolve the problem. We strongly recommend calling on the services of a professional as manhole covers need to be repaired properly to provide protection to pipework and comply with safety and load-bearing regulations.

Whatever the issue, CountyClean can replace your broken, damaged or worn manhole covers. We offer a complete fix service which involves: removing damaged covers, safely protecting exposed areas, removing and re-building benching (the framework) and installing a new fully compliant cover.
manhole maintenance

We will assess your existing cover and frame and discuss the best option for manhole repairs. Our team will source the correct manhole cover and frame for you depending on the location of the manhole. If it is on a driveway, you will need to ensure the cover can take the load of a car. We will fit the cover correctly and ensure the mortar the frame sits on is in good condition or replaced.

Manhole / Inspection Chamber Maintenance

With our full suite of services, we can keep your manholes free-flowing of blockages and remove any root ingress too. With powerful high-pressure water jetting equipment and vacuum tankers, we can empty and clean manholes if required.

CountyClean has a great deal of experience dealing with manhole repairs as well as many other drainage problems and civils jobs. We are a locally owned business with 24/7 emergency response. Call us any time day or night for any drainage emergencies or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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