Pumping Station Transfer of Ownership

Pumping Station Transfer of Ownership

What is a private pumping station?

water pumping station is a wet well fitted with pumps that transfer the waste-water and sewage to the main line sewer network. Typical properties that use waste water pump stations include, holiday parks, business parks, properties below sea level, small housing developments, annexed properties and remote farms.

Transfer of ownership

The change in ownership of private sewage pumping stations is set to take place from now until October 2016. The reason for such a length of time is to allow Southern Water to assess the number, location and condition of the existing pump stations and to manage legal aspects of the transfer.

Who is responsible?

Following October 1, 2011 sewerage companies took responsibility for all pipes up and downstream of the pumping station which are located outside property boundaries or serve more than one property.

However, properties served by a private pumping station and the sewer pipe which transfers waste-water away from the pumping station will not be transferred immediately, but will be adopted between October 2011 and October 2016.

Which pumping stations will transfer?

Privately owned pumping stations which serve more than one property and pump to the existing public sewer as well as pumping stations which serve a single property but sit outside the boundary of the property will transfer in October 2016

Just as pipes inside the property boundary and serving only that property have remained the responsibility of the property owner, so private pumping stations serving just one property and within the boundary of a property will not transfer under the legislation. Nor will those pumping stations which serve multiple buildings. Typically these might include retail parks, caravan parks, hospitals, industrial estates. The owners of these businesses will continue to maintain their own pump stations.

What do you need to do now?

It’s quite a task for Southern Water to identify all the pump stations in their territory. That’s where you can help.

If you think you own, or are responsible for, a private sewage pumping station please help them gather information about pumping stations.

Any unknown pump stations will still transfer by the deadline

Pumping Station – Contact

CountyClean can help

After contacting Southern Water to see if they are aware of your pumping station, CountyClean will help you identify what goes where.

We will survey your drainage to see whether it should remain your responsibility or be transferred.

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