Meeting The Needs Of The Port Waste Management

Meeting The Needs Of The Port Waste Management

CountyClean Environmental Services Invest In Fleet To Aid Port Waste Management Plan

CountyClean’s Kroll Recycler Tanker is their latest investment and has taken into account the needs of the Port Waste Management Plan for the safe collection and disposal of liquid waste, including oily waste, dirty ballast, sludge and sewage from ports, marinas and harbours across the Southeast. In addition, it is able to support clean up operations from spills into the marina or harbour and the company can collect and dispose of absorbents from the clean up operation.

Liquid waste received from vessels using the waste reception facilities at the port, harbour or marina, can now be dealt with quickly, quietly and efficiently; minimising disruption and providing value from less downtime. Their trained operators will remove waste oil and diesel from the port’s bunded containers and will pump out sewage waste from the facilities with the minimum of fuss.

Across London and the south-east counties, bilge and tank cleaning services are also in demand from CountyClean, which has a range of high-tech equipment to access areas that are difficult to reach and pull liquid waste over longer distances using powerful vacuum pumps. CountyClean has another Kroll Tanker being commissioned and due to start work in the coming days.

Should you require any guidance on your Port Waste Management Plan please refer to the guide for marina operators and coastal clubs or search Google for more details.

CountyClean Environmental Services has a wealth of experience in dealing with oily waters and interceptors, are licensed waste carriers and a UK Spill Contractor Accredited company who can provide advice to business and property owners who deal with hazardous products and understand their responsibilities for commercial and industrial waste disposal, including oil spills. Should you have any questions, need advice or require an emergency response, please contact us at our offices on 01323 741 818.

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