Restoring Heritage: Guano Removal at Landgate Arch

Restoring Heritage: Guano Removal at Landgate Arch

Landgate Arch, nestled in the historic town of Rye, East Sussex, stands a treasure to England’s rich heritage. Like many historic landmarks, it faces a unique challenge; pigeon poo/bird droppings, also known as guano. This seemingly harmless substance poses a grave treat to the structural integrity of the arch and so requires deep cleaning periodically.

Importance of Pigeon Guano Removal

  • Health Risks: Bird droppings can carry various pathogens including bacteria, fungi and parasites which can pose as a risk to humans. Exposure to these pathogens can lead to diseases including histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and salmonella.
  • Safety Hazard: Guano build up can create slippery surfaces, increasing the chance of someone slipping and falling, especially in public places like pavements, parks and building entrances that get high amounts of foot traffic.
  • Structural Damage: Bird droppings contain uric acid which will corrode and cause damage to the building. This can lead to surfaces made from metal, stone, wood or concrete corroding at a much faster rate, potentially compromising the structural integrity of the buildings infrastructure.
  • Attract Unwanted Pests: Guano build up can attract other pests such as insects and rodents, which can create more pest control issues and further health and hygiene concerns.

Landgate Arch Case Study

CountyClean Group were called in once again, building upon our previous successful endeavour in 2019, to undertake the monumental task of cleansing Landgate Arch. Armed with advanced equipment and expertise, our team approached the job with precision and dedication.

Using our new Bucher Municipal SuperFlex C140 Combination Unit, our team began the thorough process of guano removal. The task was not for the faint of heart; layers of accumulated guano had settled upon the arch’s floors, walls, and steps. Undeterred by the challenge, our operatives using our combination unit with its high-pressure water jetting techniques were able to dissolve the stubborn build-up.

Landgate Arch Guano Removal

Despite the scale of the job, CountyClean Group’s operatives powered on! With their hard work and tireless effort, the arch was restored to its former glory within three days. The client was thrilled with the results, expressing gratitude for our prompt and efficient service, which exceeded their expectations.


Guano Removal Before


Restoring Heritage: Guano Removal at Landgate Arch

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Furthermore, CountyClean Group extends its support to organisations like the National Trust by offering graffiti removal services.

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Guano refers to the build-up of excrement from birds, bats and seals. Bird guano can also be referred to as bird droppings, mess or seagull or pigeon poo.

According to the Environment Agency’s guidance guano can be classed as hazardous waste if it contains substances like pathogens or heavy metals above the regulated levels. Factors such as location, volume and contaminates determine whether the guano is classed as hazardous. It is important to handle pigeon droppings carefully and it is recommended to consult with the environmental authorities or waste management professionals if you are unsure.

Guano build-up can become a safety hazard including health risks, structural damage and foul smells. Due to the droppings containing pathogens and acid, removal of the guano helps remove these issues and allows for resumed safe use of the affected area.

Pigeon droppings aren’t just unpleasant to look at, they are highly corrosive and can become slip hazards in wet conditions, which can be a big concern for councils and businesses open to the public. Because of these dangers, guano removal should not be attempted by untrained individuals. Only waste management professionals with experience and wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE), including specialised breathing apparatus to handle guano removal.

Our operatives take every single precaution to ensure they avoid exposure at all costs on the job and ensure the site is returned to its former glory and sanitised to create a safe environment.

Our guano removal service also includes disposal of the droppings which is collected safely and in line with all the relevant EA regulations and laws. The disposal of any volume of pigeon guano can only be done by companies that carry specific licenses (which CountyClean Group has). The guano is then taken and disposed at a EA authorised facility.

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