Case Study – East Sussex County Council Leachate Collection

Case Study – East Sussex County Council Leachate Collection


CountyClean Environmental were approached by East Sussex County Council to undertake the collection, transportation and disposal of leachate from five closed landfill sites situated within East Sussex.

Landfill leachate is the product of water percolating through the landfill and becoming contaminated by its contents; water may enter through the surface of the landfill (eg. rain water falling onto the site) or through the base of the site (eg. via subterranean springs or streams), depending on how the site was constructed. Though no two landfill sites produce chemically identical leachates, landfill leachate often contains chemicals which can be harmful to the wider environment, including ammonia and heavy metals, which why it is imperative that this waste is collected and safely treated.

Case Study - East Sussex County Council Leachate Collection

The five former landfill sites from which East Sussex County Council collect landfill leachate stopped accepting waste by the early 1990’s, however due to the nature of the sites, they continue to produce landfill leachate and therefore require careful management to minimise their environmental impact.


The team at CountyClean Environmental are specialists in leachate collection and have carried out many similar projects in recent years which is why a bespoke service to meet East Sussex County Council’s specific needs has been provided.

As of February 2019, CountyClean Environmental has been issued a schedule at the end of each week for the volume of leachate to be collected from each site for every day of the following week.

CountyClean Environmental’s ability to maintain a flexible and reliable service has been crucial to its success as each of the five sites produces leachate at a different rate; some can produce very large volumes over short periods whilst other sites may produce lower volumes over much longer periods.

Site conditions can change rapidly too, so regular updates are provided by the team at CountyClean to the customer in order to ensure the customer’s precise requirements are met.

Case Study - East Sussex County Council Leachate Collection


The expertise that CountyClean Environmental have demonstrated establishes that they are able to provide tailor-made solutions in order to successfully meet the needs of each individual customer, ensuring an effective and thorough job.

The work undertaken for East Sussex County Council utilises trained and accredited operatives using modern and powerful vacuum tankers to safely and efficiently collect and transport landfill leachate to a licensed waste facility, providing scheduled leachate collections as well as emergency collections to help prevent pollution to the wider environment.

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