Achilles Accredited

Achilles Accredited

Achilles UVDB Verify Accreditation for Award Winning Company

Achilles is an organisation which works to identify, qualify, evaluate, and monitor suppliers on behalf of major companies, with the aim of creating opportunities for business and reducing risk in the supply chain. Achilles UVDB Verify is the utility industry pre-qualification system used by the utilities sector in the UK to manage risk within the supply chain and comply with EU regulations.

CountyClean Awarded Industry-Leading Accreditation

Building on its strong market position for environmental services in the utility, commercial and industrial sectors for liquid waste management, award-winning company CountyClean Environmental Services is pleased to announce its recent success in achieving Achilles UVDB Verify accreditation by industry-leading auditors from Achilles.

This independent audit and assessment is undertaken by Achilles and assesses risk-critical issues on compliance to safety, health, quality requirements and the environment.

Achilles UVDB is used by many utility buyer organisations to source potential suppliers. Buyers use Achilles to search for suitable companies by the product or service relevant to their requirements.

Where supplier verification and assessment is applicable for contracts of high operational risk, the utility second stage pre-qualification scheme UVDB Verify applies. UVDB Verify allows the company to demonstrate compliance to health, safety, environmental and quality requirements.

Exceptional Service

Following a clear focus on achieving the accreditation through investment and commitment, CountyClean Environmental Services was delighted to achieve the award, further underpinning the company’s mission to deliver exceptional service for all their customers.

CountyClean have already been active with expressions of interest to a number of projects, which have all been made available through Achilles UVDB Verify accreditation.

Details of the UVDB Verify assessment are available from Achilles with detailed reports available to Verify subscribing companies on line at

About CountyClean

CountyClean was founded in 2007, just as the country was entering the recession. It has thrived under the leadership of co-founders Mike and Debbie Walker.

About CountyClean

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