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Treatment Plant Services

Sewage Treatment Plant Services – “best in class”

If you’re living in the countryside within the South East including East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and other counties surrounding London, you may have a  sewage treatment plant that will require maintenance and servicing as it processes your waste and discharges effluent into the local watercourse.

CountyClean has its own division, which specialises in sewage treatment plant servicing for all types of sewage treatment plants including the popular range from Klargester.

As a licensed waste carrier we also provide services for other methods of Sewage Treatment.

Klargester Service

Regular sewage treatment plant services for your klargester is essential for maintaining a safe system for sewage treatment.

Frequent servicing will help avoid the risk of causing pollution and the expense of a costly clean-up. Spending little and often will extend the life of your sewage treatment plant saving money in the long run.

Your treatment plant will collect solids and sludge in the first chamber and this will need to be emptied on a regular basis.

The second chamber treats the waste by oxygenating the water or with the use of rotating bio-discs in the case of the popular Klargester. The water is then pumped to a third chamber for final settlement and discharge by pumping into the local watercourse.

The working parts should be serviced regularly by an accredited sewage treatment plant servicing engineer to avoid a system failure with the threat of pollution passing back to your property or into the local environment.

When your waste water and sewage is collected in your septic tank the solids and sludge separate out and should be collected by an accredited contractor. This is the single most important thing you can do to protect your system to avoid extensive replacement costs or penalties from causing pollution to the local environment and threatening public health.

Regular emptying, servicing and cleaning should be carried out at regular intervals and the frequency will depend on the level of usage.

Sewage Treatment Specialists

Where it is not possible to connect to the main sewerage system or install a sewage treatment plant or a septic tank, a cesspool will do the job of collecting all sewage waste without treatment.

This waste will need to be collected regularly by an approved contractor who will provide safe sewage collection and disposal to a licensed treatment facility.

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