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January Staff Spotlight

We are very proud of our hard-working team here at CountyClean, and with countless achievements between them all, we feel that we need to give our excellent employees some well-deserved recognition!

Each month, we will be giving a shoutout to two staff members based on observations from our board of directors and general feedback from our lovely customers.

We are delighted to announce the recipients of our ‘Staff in the Spotlight’ recognition scheme for January 2022 as Donna Prince and Razvan Chis.

Donna is the business owners’ right arm and is a great support to them! She has tremendous responsibility as CountyClean’s Financial Director and goes above and beyond her role by frequently working very long hours.

Donna has just passed her 10 year anniversary at CountyClean. She joined us in January 2012 as Financial Controller. On 1st May 2018, Donna was promoted to Financial Director after working her way up the ladder. She offers a vast knowledge of accounting procedures and manages all day to day financial functions. Donna supervises her team well and keeps CountyClean Group’s accounts department in ship shape.

Secondly, we would like to give a massive congratulations to Razvan for being the first person to win ‘Staff in the Spotlight’ twice! Razvan originally won back in June 2021 but his continued and outstanding work ethic and attitude to continually go above and beyond for CountyClean has not gone unnoticed!

Razvan joined the company in February 2019 and is very well-liked amongst the team. He is a hardworking staff member with the mentality to always get the job done.

More recently, Razvan has stepped up to additional out of hours work which goes to show that he is always striving to help out and gives everything he does maximum effort.

Congratulations to both Donna and Razvan for all of their continued hard work and commitment to CountyClean!

If we have recently carried out a job for you and one of our staff members deserves some recognition, we would be glad to hear your feedback!

Check back next month to see more ‘Staff in the Spotlight’.