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Beachy Head Lighthouse Renovation

When managing director Mike Walker at CountyClean Environmental Services Ltd was asked for his support to help restore Beachy Head lighthouse he had no hesitation in agreeing that the Beachy Head Lighthouse Renovation got support from CountyClean.

Klargester Septic Tank

Bad smells, soggy ground and water not draining from the house quickly enough are all signs that your Klargester septic tank is not coping. To avoid a flood or a more serious spill causing pollution to the local environment, plastic septic tanks or concrete septic tanks should be checked.

A Dirty Business

TV programme Watermen: A Dirty Business on BBC 2 featured some of the drain blockage difficulties encountered during a heatwave in the North West of England. Operatives did a great job of highlighting the root cause of blockages in our sewerage.

London Road Closed by Sinkhole

Following the discovery of a large hole on the A23 London Road from Brighton, a section of the road has been closed on the northbound carriageway between the Fleming Way and Lowfield Heath roundabouts as the carriageway began to show signs of subsidence.

Treatment Plant Services

If you're living in the countryside within the South East including East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and other counties surrounding London, you may have a  sewage treatment plant that will require maintenance and servicing as it processes your waste.

Super Combination

CountyClean tanker teams up with powerful Kroll Recycler for major utility works. Teaming their powerful Kroll Recycler with a vacuum tanker created a super combination and provided increased capacity and power to clean a major asset at a sewage treatment plant in London.

Floodwater Disease Threatens Health

The British Veterinary Association are warning of the considerable risk of disease from floodwater to pets and livestock in the countryside. Pet owners are being advised to keep pets away from the receding floodwater as many areas will have been contaminated with chemicals and sewage.

Flood Prevention Better Than Cure – A New Approach

Let’s face it, from time to time, things go wrong. The environment can conspire against you causing deisel, chemical water and sewage spills, to mention a few. It interrupts your business and affects your daily routine.

Dealing With Floods In The South

In recent weeks there has been significant rainfall, with the UK experiencing twice the average amount of rain since records began. Once the flood-waters subside there will be a huge clear-up operation required to restore properties for businesses and domestic customers.

Flood Team Save Eastbourne Levels

Heavy rain, tidal surges and strong winds have all played their part in saturating the ground and causing silt and debris to threaten an over-spill and flood from the sewer system under West Langney Lake at Eastbourne Levels. The resulting blockage required an immediate response.