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Drain Survey

To reduce your costs and save time, we’ll use our latest CCTV drain survey equipment and our qualified operatives to survey your drain and identify any issues.

A blocked or damaged drainage system can threaten a costly pollution incident or damage to your premises, equipment, stock and other possessions.

The potential flooding caused by blocked or collapsed drains can have an adverse effect on business operations.

In addition, there could be significant costs for repairs and remediation, which may be enforced by the Environment Agency.

Drain Survey Quality Assurance

To ensure that you get the very best value from our drain survey services, we have carefully chosen specialist CCTV drainage inspection equipment.

Making the best use of our drainage survey camera systems and software to carry out their work quickly and efficiently, our teams will deliver a high quality, detailed digital video report, showing you the precise condition of your drainage system.

We are accredited by the British Assessment Bureau for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and are licensed by the Environment Agency.

CCTV Drain Survey Provides you with Benefits

Getting to the root of the problem quickly is a top priority for our customers who believe they may have a collapsed drain or a blockage, which can cause flooding and pollution.

Without the need for excavation or major disruption, we use our remotely controlled cameras to travel along drains, capture high-quality video footage and identify all the issues from blockages or damage to the drainage system.

Our camera crawlers have a range of 300 metres and can survey drain pipes with a diameter ranging from 80mm to 1200mm. The quality of the camera lens provides for a longer focal length so that you can see more detail.

Drainage Problems

Common problems that can be quickly identified include blockages by debris, tree roots, collapses and fatty deposits. You’ll also be able to see any issues caused by cracks, fractures and scaling as well as the condition of the joints.

All of the issues found will be digitally marked on the footage for quick reference. Working remotely provides additional benefits with improved health and safety as well as considering the environment.

CCTV Drainage Survey for Homeowners and Property Developers

A CCTV Drainage Survey is particularly useful for property developers, home owners and home buyers who would like to check for water drainage problems before developing their property or exchanging contracts.

What happens after your CCTV Drain Survey?

Once we have identified blockages in your drain, there is no need for you to book additional services from different companies as we can do it all with just one call.

We can provide you with vacuum tankers or combination tankers for high pressure water jetting for the removal of flood water, silt and debris.

Our combination tankers have a recycling capability, which means they can save time by remaining on station for longer.

This provides peace of mind for our customers, ensuring that they receive the same quality of service from finding a problem right through to resolution.

Immediate Response

We operate across London and the South East supporting the commercial and industrial, utilities, marine and domestic sectors and operate an-out-of hours emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call free on 0800 171 2204 to talk to one of our team who will provide support and advice and can book any of our services for you.

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