Are You Compliant with New 2020 Septic Tank Regulations?

Are You Compliant with New 2020 Septic Tank Regulations?

If you have a septic tank, you will need to ensure you are up to date with the latest government and Environment Agency legislations coming into force 1st January 2020. We have put together a quick guide of everything you need to know and if you are affected by this change.

General binding rules: small sewage discharge to a surface water” are new rules introduced in 2015 by the government which aim to end the practice of septic tanks discharging directly into a local watercourse such as a river or stream. These rules apply for existing treatment systems (installed and in use before 31st December 2014) and new ones (installed and in use after 31st December 2014) meaning that some property owners may be required to upgrade their systems.

Septic tanks that discharge directly into watercourses (e.g ditches, streams, canals, rivers or surface water drains) must be replaced or upgraded by 1st January 2020.

These new rules are designed to reduce the level of pollution from sewage in watercourses as it is no longer acceptable to discharge untreated waste water into watercourses.

Where properties with septic tanks that discharge directly to watercourses are sold before 1 January 2020, responsibility for the replacement or upgrade of the existing treatment system should be addressed prior to the property being sold.

Systems can be replaced with a sewage treatment plant which treats the waste liquid so it is clean enough to discharge into a watercourse. Alternatively a drainage field or soakaway can be installed or where available, properties can be connected to the mains sewer.

What Can CountyClean Group Do to Help?

Our experienced and highly skilled Civil Engineering and Groundworks and Pump Services teams can provide advice and recommendations on a range of services from the design and provision of a complete drainage sewage system, to the install of a sewage treatment plant.

 A thorough site visit will be carried out to ensure the best solution for you and your property and to guarantee all the correct requirements are met.

What Happens after My System is Upgraded?

We are able to carry out the maintenance of sewage treatment plants, pump stations, cesspits and septic tanks (including soakaways and drainage fields). This includes; regular emptying (desludging), high pressure water jetting and repairs.

Our after-sales service is fully comprehensive meaning we offer a turn-key solution from the initial install of sewage systems all the way through to a bespoke and on-going aftercare like no other company.

We are always on call and are available all day, every day. Get in contact with us on 0800 171 2204 or 01323 741818 or email us at [email protected] and our team will be happy to discuss or book in any of our services for you and answer any queries you may have.

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